I-95 Road Closure and Detour in Delaware Will Cause 30 Minute Delay

A travel update for folks coming to the Forward on Climate Rally from Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and other points north:

I-95 Southbound will be closed just south of Exit 4A to Route 1 Southbound) from 10 p.m. until 10 a.m. The I-95 ramps to Churchman’s Road and SR 1 Southbound will remain open during the closure of I-95 Southbound.

In order to mitigate anticipated backups on I-95 Southbound Exit 4A, traffic is encouraged to exit I-95 at the SR 141 Interchange, travel south to US 13 Southbound, South to SR 273 Westbound, then back to I-95.

You might also consider taking I-78 or I-76 if you have the flexibility. The portion of I-95 that is closed is short, however congestion can be expected at the closure point except late at night. The detour route is a longer detour that should get you off I-95 before the closure point and hopefully avoid the worst of the traffic, making this an extra 20-30 delay. From the closure point to Washington is a little under two hours, so even if you get stuck the freeway will still re-open with enough time to get you to DC for the start of the rally. Closures like this are often re-opened earlier than the time posted to help deal with congestion, so please check live traffic conditions and highway advisory signs before making the decision to detour.

Once you’re in D.C., note that WMATA is performing track work on the subway system and there will be some suburban station closures. Check the WMATA website for details.

Posted by Nathan Empsall, Sierra Club.

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